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At The Remodeling Depot, we do it at a great price using the best materials, construction methods, and people. Listen to what our customers have to say:

"Now that the rush of the holiday season is over, I wanted to take some time to thank you, and let you know how much we are enjoying our kitchen/den remodel. We truly enjoy spending time in our newly remodeled living space. All of our holiday guests could not believe how stunning the rooms turned out. What a great entertaining space! It is not only beautiful, but functional as well. Everyone comments on the quality and finish of the cabinetry, some saying that it looks better than their formal room furniture.

"Through the entire process, three things really impressed me; the people, the attention to detail, and the quality craftsmanship.

"I would have to say, without exception, that everyone that assisted you on the project, during demolition, framing & drywall, plumbing, tile, and finish carpentry was first class. All were polite and respectful of our home and family. Each of them demonstrated a high level of competence and it was obvious that they were very experienced professionals in their respective trades. They are wonderful people as well. You have a great team.

"Even more impressive was the quality and attention to detail that you put into our project. A homeowner’s worst fear when hiring a contractor is worrying about the quality of the finished product. Your workmanship and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. I can honestly say that you never took any shortcuts – if something didn’t look perfect – it got redone without us saying anything. You being very hands on and on site almost every day was impressive.

"THE REMODELING DEPOT was not the lowest bidder on our project, but your thoroughness, organization, and professionalism won you the project. Now that the project is complete, it was evident that it wasn’t a show – what you see is what you get – you did everything you said you would and more. Joseph was very helpful and a great asset keeping us informed and up to date of what we needed to do.

"It was refreshing to see someone that takes so much pride in what they do. The pride you have in your work emanates from your soul and shows in our new home.

"Please feel free to use me for a reference anytime you have a prospect that needs a high quality contractor that shows up, does unparalleled work, and treats the house like their own.

"Keep in touch and let me know if there is anything I can do for you."


"Thank you so much for the AWESOME job you did on the nursery, the living room and pantry. From the first time we spoke with Joseph and the first moment we met Wayne, we knew we had found the right company to work with. Of course, knowing what’s out there, we did our homework. We checked the BBB, membership to associations, made sure licenses were valid, read many reviews and testimonials. We actually had 2 other companies scheduled to come and give estimates, but after meeting Wayne and speaking with him, we cancelled those 2 other appointments. We immediately felt we could trust Wayne and our instincts were right. Wayne came to our first meeting and without us having to ask, he showed us his BBB Certificate, his insurance, his membership to associations, testimonial letters, and brochures of products.

"With our baby on the way, we were running out of time. We wanted to get the nursery perfect and fix our living room and pantry. Wayne and Joseph made sure we did just that. They walked us step by step, made sure we knew what would be going on every day, and assisted us when we needed help making decisions. What really impressed us is that what Wayne said, he did. We had a schedule for the work being done and our house was vacuumed and clean at the end of every work day. Wayne and each one of the workers were all professional, friendly and helpful. Wayne even helped us fix our sink faucet when it suddenly broke while he was working in our home. It is like having another family member stay with us. Wayne would even bring our newspaper every morning and put it on our kitchen table. He answered any questions we had, even those that were not part of the work being done. What more can you ask from a company?

"We are so happy we went with THE REMODELING DEPOT. We highly recommend them.

"Thanks Wayne and Joseph. As I tell my little girl, I am sure we’ll be seeing Uncle Wayne soon."


"Wow! That's our bathroom? I have been to different places and it's like staying in a first class hotel. THE REMODELING DEPOT did extra steps like our air vent in the bathroom. It was not properly installed.

Therefore, Wayne correctly fixed the air vent. That extra effort makes a difference in everything they do and you can tell that every person on THE REMODELING DEPOT team is very passionate about their work. I'm very impressed on their project scheduling. It's like when I do my projects (I'm a computer programmer & technician). Your schedule is so detailed on what needs to be done it allows for everyone to clearly see and understand the progress of the project. All of THE REMODELING DEPOT workers are very courteous, honest and friendly. If I do another project I will call THE REMODELING DEPOT again. THE REMODELING DEPOT quality of work is superlative."


"Wayne and Joseph from THE REMODELING DEPOT Home Services & Construction took care of us throughout our entire remodel process – and this was no easy feat as I am extremely particular and I was pregnant at the time. Yet every question my husband or I had was answered, every detail was attended to, and every expectation was met. Our home was treated as if Wayne himself were going to move in when the project was completed. Each night the work area was cleaned and made safe for us to move about. A calendar was posted on our wall so that we would always know where we were in the construction process, who was going to show up the next day and what would be done. And at the conclusion of the job, even the plants that were damaged during our exterior paint job were replaced without any prompting from us. That is exceptional service, and we were thoroughly pleased.

"My husband and I were equally impressed with the crew at THE REMODELING DEPOT. They were truly a pleasure to be around. I was greeted every morning with a smile. If I had grocery bags or a laundry basket, they would volunteer to help. THE REMODELING DEPOT team was always friendly and courteous, and always helpful – sometimes going above and beyond the call of duty to help me make a decision. They made the remodel experience much less stressful and we were extremely appreciative of that. What’s more, they finished the job early! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but it happened for us, which was doubly wonderful, as we were eager to get things set up for our baby on the way. :)

"In the end, what most impressed us with THE REMODELING DEPOT is the confidence that we were able to place in Wayne; knowing that the job would be done properly. These days, there are many people who can do a job quickly and inexpensively. But the question that remains is, “how well has the job been done and will it stand the test of time or need repair/replacement in the near future?” With THE REMODELING DEPOT, we didn’t have to worry. Wayne is so incredibly knowledgeable and meticulous (even more meticulous than I) that we didn’t have to wonder or second guess the work that was being done in our home. We could simply allow him to operate, knowing that if there were a problem, he would identify it, find a solution, and execute. What a rarity! The work is solid and well done, adding value to our home and giving us the extra space that we needed. The finished product is so seamless, friends and family cannot figure out where the old house ends and the new work begins!

"Wayne never disappointed. And the result is complete satisfaction. Nothing was missed or done improperly, and our home is beautiful!

"Wayne and Joseph were a joy to work with, and we would not hesitate to hire THE REMODELING DEPOT again in the future. What’s more, we have, and will continue to, recommend THE REMODELING DEPOT to those that we know. We are confident that if you hire THE REMODELING DEPOT, you, too, will be completely satisfied."


"Wow . . . our house is amazing. When we first started our full interior remodel, it was hard to imagine how all that building and remodeling work was going to get done – Kitchen, master bathroom, 2nd floor bathroom, 1st floor bathroom, new hardwood and tile flooring, baseboards, crown molding, windows, doors, stucco, painting, house re-pipe with a recirculation system, 2 tankless water heaters, new service panel, etc. Your team was fantastic! The workers both on the job and in the office were courteous, friendly, and so knowledgeable. In fact, your workers were always there to help me carry in the groceries, get the mail, pick up the newspaper, and make sure I could always safely make it from the street to my front door while they were working during the day! I miss my “roommates”!

"The combination of your unique ability to design the job, select all the materials and colors, and put it all together is unbelievable. My house is perfect! I am absolutely in love with my “new” home!

"I was particularly impressed with how clean and organized the job always was. There was never any trash on the job site and it was always clean with all tools and materials neatly and methodically organized. Your scheduling was right on – thank you!

"My neighbors even commented that your team was very respectful and courteous in all areas such as parking, noise, and trash (there was none!). They said you were welcome back anytime. The homeowners association was unbelievably impressed.

"We have done a lot of remodeling on our past homes and did not think quality, service, and attention to detail was synonymous with construction . . . you sure proved us wrong! All those other companies promise these things but never deliver. You and your team of dedicated craftsmen deliver. You take full responsibility, make no excuses, and everything is as promised. Hard as we tried, we could not even find anything to make a punch list!

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience and my beautiful “new” home!"


"Well, what can I say except for THANK YOU? You delivered my brand new Master Bathroom/Bedroom remodel and everything was just as you said it would be. I must admit, as a single working Mom with a Nanny at home, I was very concerned about taking on this project. Meeting you, learning about THE REMODELING DEPOT with your complete employee background checks and English speaking workers immediately put my mind at ease.

"Never once during the process did I worry that my small children would get hurt, as you kept everything as clean as possible during the entire process. Everyone who worked in my home was friendly and courteous. I couldn't believe it when my Nanny told me that your guys actually turned the music down during nap time without being asked.

"Thank you again for everything. The girls are having the time of their lives in the new big bathtub with lots of "bubbahs!" The view of the ocean from my bedroom windows is spectacular! It was worth the extra money to take down that wall. I am so glad you suggested that!

"I apologize for leaving off my name, as a single Mom, I cannot be too careful. Thanks again."


"THE REMODELING DEPOT has performed work for me many times over the past 8 years. They have built me a large beautiful Trex deck, room addition, remodeled my guest bathroom, added a tankless water heater, added a new service panel, completely remodeled and refurbished my garage adding overhead storage, and replaced all of my doors, windows, and flooring. They have also removed all of the acoustical (pop corn) ceilings, added recess lighting, replaced the HVAC ducting, painted both the interior and exterior, and insulated the attic.

"THE REMODELING DEPOT has always performed exquisite work for me. Therefore, when it was time to remodel my kitchen, studio, dining room, master bathroom, and repipe my home, there was naturally only one place to call – THE REMODELING DEPOT.

"This was a major job. The results were spectacular! THE REMODELING DEPOT pays special close attention to all the details and absolutely never leaves any trash on the job site. At the end of each work day, the job site was left immaculate and I never felt like I was living in a construction environment. THE REMODELING DEPOT is truly a remarkable one-of-a-kind outfit!

"In short, I could not be more pleased with the completed project. When I decide to perform future work on my home, THE REMODELING DEPOT will be the only company I will be calling to do the work.

"Anyone who is truly looking for a professional who performs beautiful work and will never let you down, needs only to call THE REMODELING DEPOT."


"I would like to take this time to say thanks to THE REMODELING DEPOT for everything that they did during our remodel. It is very hard to find someone you can feel confident enough to trust when it comes to your family and home. We felt this confidence from the very start with the professionals at THE REMODELING DEPOT. The time and care that is put into every detail is the trademark of a true craftsman.

"Wayne is a highly skilled professional who treats every home and job as if it were his own. His highly skilled and professional team is a great reflection of him and his caring attitude. I would never think of having anyone or any other company work on my house other than THE REMODELING DEPOT. Thanks once again for a fantastic job!"


"We love our new home! It was exciting to come home everyday and see the progress your team had made. We had heard a lot of horror stories regarding remodels and we feel very lucky to have chosen such a dependable contractor. You run a tight clean ship which helped to make this a rewarding experience for us.”


“The quality of merchandise and workmanship are unsurpassed. This was not our first experience with home improvement, but it was the best. Now that we’ve decided to do additional remodeling, there is only one company to consider, THE REMODELING DEPOT.”


“Your team rocks! We are and will continue to be very impressed with your patience and professionalism in continually adapting your schedule to meet an ever-changing scope of work. The amazing attention to detail and using state of the art procedures for an excellent quality of work was extremely impressive.”


“You embraced our needs and allowed for a flexible schedule to accommodate us. We were impressed with you, your professional demeanor, your guaranteed quality of service and products, thorough and detailed estimates.”


“Not only was your work and craftsmanship outstanding, but we really appreciated the little stuff and your attention to details. Something that I was very impressed with was the initiative that you took and service that you provided in dealing with the Home Owner’s Association. I was more than pleased when you informed me that I didn’t have to do this and that you would take care of everything for me.”


“After speaking to almost seven contractors I began to lose hope. I didn’t think that I would find anyone who I could trust to come in my home and make my dreams a reality. I can’t say enough about your team. To say that I’m impressed in an understatement. I’m really looking forward to future projects with THE REMODELING DEPOT.”


“Three particular things that impressed us were: The work performed was of high quality; The workmen were professional and completely trustworthy about our home; At the end of each working day the premises were completely clean, so that never in our entire experience did we feel that we were on a construction site.”


“We are absolutely delighted with the finished results. Thank you for making us feel like more than just another client.”


“Wayne took a stressful situation and made it bearable due to his work ethic, attention to details and professionalism.”


“The quality and precision of the work that were put into my home insures me that I will not require future repairs. Not only did your team display expertise in their craft, but they were very diligent and prompt about cleaning up at the end of each workday. I’m more than pleased to recommend THE REMODELING DEPOT without any reservations, but with much enthusiasm.”


“We can honestly say that THE REMODELING DEPOT went out of their way to produce outstanding results on time and with intricate detail.”


“All timelines were met ahead of schedule. Unexpected details were bought to our attention immediately and handled professionally. It is very evident to us that THE REMODELING DEPOT focus was to please customers through good communication and delivered promises.”


“Your service made this project easy and allowed us to stay within our budget. I recommend THE REMODELING DEPOT to anyone who is seeking high quality, prompt service and value.


“We knew from the day that we met Wayne that he would do a quality job for us. Your attention to detail was outstanding, not to mention the samples and suggestions that you provided us with, always making the decision making process faster and easier.”


“We were very impressed with everything, from the first meeting to the last day of the project. All of the people that you bought in my home to do specialized work were on time, and did perfect work.”


“Wayne, the beautiful ramp that you built had afforded my dad independent enjoyment of our yard in his wheelchair as well as ease of movement in bed with the trapeze. Your job is beautiful and your kindness unmatched.”


“Wayne was there when he said that he would be, the job was done earlier than we had expected too. We couldn’t be happier with it.”


"We wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job on our interior remodel. We were so scared about starting the 3 bathrooms, kitchen, stairs, and flooring after hearing all the “nightmare” stories other people have gone through with other contractors. Not THE REMODELING DEPOT! You guys are everything you said and more.

Your design work is unbelievable. The drawings had all the details right down to the toilet paper holders! Your work is the best we have ever seen. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate how clean and thorough you are. You were always on time, explained each phase of the project, there was never any trash on the job site, and your entire crew is so nice and polite. You have no idea how refreshing it is to be able to clearly communicate with people who are working in your home.You run a clean, tight ship and we can see why you have an impeccable reputation for details, quality, on time performance, organization, and absolutely beautiful work!"


"I recently hired THE REMODELING DEPOT to remodel my guest bathroom. The result is stunning. What had been a decrepit eyesore is now a beautiful space set off by dark blue-grey tile, blond oak cabinetry, and ebony counter top.

"All work was completed within the agreed upon time and conducted in a neat and efficient manner.

"I am more than pleased with the outcome and can sincerely recommend the THE REMODELING DEPOT team for any renovation need.

"Thanks again for the beautiful job you did on my home."