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How can I achieve green remodeling?

Why Green
Green Building

As you can see, remodeling and building green is not weird, expensive, or a passing fad. On the contrary . . . It saves you money and the environment. The International Code Council (ICC), the organization primarily responsible for maintaining and enhancing the building codes, is scheduled to issue the first set of green building codes in 2007. This means that all remodeling and building will be required to conform to green remodeling and building standards.

Green remodeling and building is something we all must do. The world’s natural resources can no longer support the removal, extraction, and manufacturing required to support its growing population. In similar fashion, science has learned that materials previously thought to be safe in our homes and work places such as lead, asbestos, ventilation systems, paints, varnishes, VOC’s, and mold were causing serious long term health issues and destroying our environment to include global warming.

All of us at THE REMODELING DEPOT truly care about you and your family. That’s why we are committed to remodeling and building using products that are friendlier to both you and the environment. This saves you money and helps to provide a world for our children that will be safe, healthful, enjoyable, and beautiful.